Articles, essays, and collected writings of Tamarack Song                          

A caveat: Although some of these pieces are finished and have been published, others are just rough drafts or tape transcriptions, and they are noted as such. They are included here to make the information available to those seeking it.
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All-Winter Snow Lodges

Are Natives Conservationists?

Be as a Question

Beaver Fever - The Truth about Giardia

Birthday Celebration, The - Rite of Passage or Wrong Turn?

Brain Food - How to Awaken the Dormant Mind


Fear - Doorway to Knowing

Half-Empty, Half-Full Bowl Syndrome, The

Honor the Plants - Guidelines For the Respectful Gathering of Wild Edible and Medicinal Plants

How to Be In a Tight Spot and Like It

How to Learn Tracking from One of Our Greatest Predators

How to Take Care of a Hothead

Is It Really Possible to be in the Wilderness And be Comfortable?

Lazy Native, The - Is There No Aboriginal Work Ethic?

Long and Short of Bows and the Sacredness of Arrow, The

Messenger, The

Myth of the Starving Native, The

Old Way Food Storage In the Northcountry

Passion - The Core Fire

Pemmican - The Indigenous Sausage

Plump Up - A Primer for Cold Comfort in the Wilderness

Song of the Mosquito - How to Live in Balance With This Honored Guardian of the Wild Places

Stage Foraging - How to Save Yourself from Starving

Stone Age? Not! Stick and Bone Age, Yes.

Teaching Trail

Up With the Dawn - Key to the Day`s Riches

Victim One, Victims All

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